Constanza CanĂ³nica
Written by Constanza CanĂ³nica

Add your own clients

In this article, we will focus on how to invite your own existing clients and make the most of Nuna's free tools.

To start inviting your own clients, click on "My clients" and then "Add client"

Fill in the relevant information of the client. You can also do a quick add with only the email and the language of the client. The rest of the details can be filled by the client while accepting the invite.

You can now see this new client added to My Chats and My Clients. You are also able to move their past notes and history under the My Clients section.


ORGANISATION: All your clients in one place! Our upcoming tools like consent form automation, invoicing and analytics will boost your productivity

INVOICING: Nuna will soon launch the ability to send invoices to clients and follow up automatically until they pay. Adding your clients is the first step to make this possible

TESTIMONIALS: If you choose to, Nuna can automatically ask your invited clients to share their testimonials that would be private to you, until you choose to add to the public directory

FREE: All the tools of chat, video, appointments, reminders and medical history will remain free for your own clients.