Constanza CanĂ³nica
Written by Constanza CanĂ³nica

Get more visibility and clients in Nuna

In this article, we will focus on ways to build visibility and get more clients through our marketplace directory.

Our users seeking therapy are looking broadly for two main things: Find the right expert they feel connected to and affordable options. 



Having a strong introduction means:

1) Having a 60-90 second video introducing yourself and your therapy process

The client should be able to understand in simple terms of what you do. Many clients have different ideas of what therapy might be and have a complicated understanding leading to uncertainty or hesitation. Your video should be relatable in this aspect. 

2) Introductory description (text)

Explaining your background, years of experience and what type of people you mostly work with. Couples? Senior citizens? Have you had a lot of clients with gender identity issues? 

This section should be more specific than broad as clients are increasingly looking to answer the question Who is the right person for "me"?


Having a pack of sessions helps the client with affordable options but more importantly allows a seamless therapy journey for both you and the clients. 

Soon, Nuna will have options to build exclusive pricing and schedules for each specific type of client. This way, you can ensure (for eg) individual students see a different price from a couple looking for help with their relationship or from someone looking for clinical advice.


We engage with our clients on social channels and blogs. A lot of experts on Nuna have already written great content based on their expertise. We always add your calendar, ready to book, at the end of the article. If you'd like to contribute to our blog, please write to us partners-es@holanuna.com. Please check out our blog for clients and an example article extract below