Constanza Canónica
Written by Constanza Canónica

Guide to Telehealth

At Nuna we want to empower you on this path of Telehealth. Here's a simple guide that helps you prepare in the best way for being an effective expert online:


  1. Complete your introductory profile. 100% of our users read the profile in detail
  2. Explain your academic credentials
  3. Explain what type of therapy you do
  4. Explain how long a typical session is and what they can expect from their first session
  5. Upload a video with clear light and clear audio
  6. The best videos are typically 60 to 90 seconds
  7. If you offer therapy in another language. Do speak 1 line or 2 in the end to say “I also speak French” (for eg)
  8. If you offer subscription packages, you can use our Nuna tool to clearly describe your prices
  9. If you offer invoices for the customers to claim refunds, please mention this on your profile
  10. Embed your Nuna calendar on your own webpage or website. This will save you a lot of time and keep all your schedule up to date


  1. Find a suitable place in your home without distractions (family members, pets, noises, etc.)
  2. Make sure there is enough light
  3. Find the space where you can have better network reception inside your home.
  4. Use a table or a smooth surface to support the device so that the image is stable, with height and angle of the camera at eye level so that greater eye contact is perceived between the patient and the therapist
  5. Make sure you have enough time to prepare and check the technical aspects.
  6. Make sure the device's battery is charged
  7. Use Chrome browser
  8. It is recommended not to have other open applications that interfere with internet connection speed or communication between therapist and patient.
  9. Remember to disable device notifications so as not to interrupt the therapeutic session and distract the patient
  10. Use headphones
  11. Make sure you have the tools, such as a pen and notepad, if you need to


  1. Always ensure the user is aware of the next steps
  2. Schedule the next session using your Nuna calendar
  3. Complete the notes for each session
  4. If you’re used to not taking notes during a session, you can always click on the user management section and complete the notes
  5. It’s never too early to ask for a simple review on Nuna
  6. At Nuna, we believe that reviews in text are much more helpful than a star rating system. We believe that a star rating system (out of 5 or out of 10) limits your ability to deliver the best therapy for each client
  7. This is why, all the reviews we show the new users are written by clients who you have invited to write