Constanza CanĂ³nica
Written by Constanza CanĂ³nica

Manage your schedules and appointments

In this article, we will focus on our scheduling tools. They're incredibly simple and easy to use!

When new clients book an appointment on Nuna's directory, they show up automatically on your calendar with an email notification without needing any action from you!

To view your appointments, click on "Calendar" on the left side panel. This will always show your current week, by default. 

To create an appointment, simply drag across the desired time slot.

Here, you can choose the client, time and duration of the appointment, choose between an online session or a clinic visit, or block your calendar.

Remember that if your regular weekly schedule has changed, it's advisable to update the weekly schedule. Blocking your calendar is only recommended when you're away for a few days or hours but you intend to keep the regular schedule otherwise

To update your regular schedule or timezone, please go to My accounts --> Schedule

Important: If you set your first session as free, your public schedule on the directory seen by first time client will automatically show 30 minute slots. This is because all first free sessions on Nuna are 30 minutes. When the same client tries to book a subsequent session, they will see the calendar showing 60 minute slots.


RESCHEDULE: Simply click on an event on your calendar and delete it. You can now create a new appointment with your client

NOTIFICATIONS, REMINDERS: Every action like a new appointment, deleting, rescheduling and reminders are all automated! Both you and your clients receive these emails automatically

AGENDA: You can view all your appointments details on one page by clicking on Calendar -> Agenda


GOOGLE CALENDAR INTEGRATION: You can see all your Nuna events on Google calendar. To set it up in 2 minutes, simply click on Calendar -> Add Nuna to my Google calendar (located on top right corner) and follow the next steps displayed.

EMBED YOUR CALENDAR: If you have your own blog or webpage, you can simply add your Nuna calendar by copying the code below and pasting it on your blog. Your own clients can book an appointment with you. 

<iframe src="https://www.holanuna.com/es/embed?id=*|HTML:PROFILE|*" width="100%" height="550" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Both these features are available on the free plan