Constanza CanĂ³nica
Written by Constanza CanĂ³nica

Receive payments

In this article, we'll cover the very important steps needed to set up faster payouts for your account. This is a one-time effort that will save you countless hours not just for payouts but for all invoicing related matters in the future!

Wherever your clients may be and whatever currencies they might pay, you will always receive your fast payouts in your local currency of the country where you're a legal resident

Click on My Accounts -> Edit Settings -> Payments

Click on Connect button on the right hand side

Follow the steps on our global payments partner portal, Stripe. When you're asked about the type of industry, choose Software

When you're asked for a business website, choose the option: add a product instead the and type "Therapy at Nuna"

Once done, you will be redirected to the Nuna expert app. Please press the "Update banking details" to ensure your account is well set up. If there's any missing information, please complete them accordingly.


FAST PAYOUTS: Once set up, all payments from Nuna users are automatically transferred to your bank account in 2-3 business days

PAYMENTS SUMMARY: Clicking on the "Update banking details" account at any time, you will be able to see all payments summaries instantly

POST-PAY INVOICING: Soon, we will add the functionality of sending invoices to your own clients after a session and we will send automatic reminders until they pay up. 

INVOICES FOR CLIENTS: Nuna will also be able to generate receipts for your clients with your individual/business details on the invoice (Coming soon)

The payouts only work when the clients transact on the Nuna marketplace directory. We will soon add the ability for you to send your own clients invoices that they can pay directly. This is an important tool as it would help us build a unified invoicing and tax reporting service for your practice.