Constanza CanĂ³nica
Written by Constanza CanĂ³nica

Video Call and Chat

In this article, we will focus on our secure chat and video features. Every piece of software on Nuna is built in-house by our passionate team keeping privacy and security as our top priority. 

You can use all of Nuna's features on your mobile browser. All of Nuna's features work seamlessly on iOS and Android devices! 

All new clients who have a paid appointment with you will automatically appear in your chats. Your own clients invited by you are also within the same chat interface. Access chats by clicking on My chats on the left panel


INSTANT 2-WAY CHAT: Nuna chat is designed like your everyday chat applications like Whatsapp but keeping privacy and security in mind. Only you and your client can see the chats

FILE SHARING: Do you need to share a file or have your client send across a document? Simply click on Send file and upload it from your device

CLIENT PROFILE: You can view all the details about your client like name, goals and appointment history by clicking on Client profile

PRIVATE NOTES: If you need to note down something really quickly, simply click on the "You" tab on the left. These notes are visible only to you

TALK TO NUNA: Our team is right behind the chat named "Nuna" on the left panel. If you need any help, our team is simply a chat away. If your query is related to a client, we highly recommend you to only contact us through this secure channel. 

SEARCH: Simply type a client's name or the first few characters on the search bar on top to access the chat.

We recommend you to always keep an updated auto-responder message on so your clients are aware on when to expect a response. Click on Set auto-respond message, update your message and turn the toggle on.


At the time of the appointment, click on Start videocall button located on the top right corner of the client's chat window. If you've integrated on Google calendar, the secure videolink is available directly on the event in Google calendar.

Important: We always advise our clients to wait for you to start the videocall to make it easy. The client will not start the videocall util you initiate it

AUDIO, VIDEO: We recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience. Always allow microphone and camera access when the browser asks for the permissions

SCREENSHARE: Both you and your client can choose to share your screens in case you'd like to go over an assessment or any other document

THERAPY NOTES: Some of our experts prefer to take quick therapy notes during the session. You can do this by clicking on the top right corner while on the call. You can always access this document under the My Clients section and update it further.

Remember, we keep a standard 24 hour cancelation policy for your clients. They can reschedule their sessions for free up to 24 hours before the time of the scheduled appointment. After this window, we transfer the payout for that session to your bank account. If you choose to allow it, you can schedule an appointment from your calendar at an agreed day/time between you and your client